This is Roy Rana. He's going to do us all a flavour. FILE PHOTO

Rana leaves Rams, enters Lay’s contest

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By Robert Mackenzie

Head coach Roy Rana will be taking a year-long sabbatical to enter the Lay’s Do us a Flavour! contest.

“I am grateful to our team, staff and department in understanding and supporting my need to take time to concentrate on my potato chip creation,” said the Ryerson Rams men’s basketball coach in a press release.

Rana has yet to announce his official entry, but inside sources say he is deciding between a shepherd’s pie flavour chip, a cumin flavour, and a Ryerson-themed flavour that he has named “Rammin’ Rhubarb!”

Coaching duties will be turned over to 2002 Golden Globe winner Stanley Tucci in Rana’s absence.

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