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By Igor Magun

If you read lots of online content, it can be difficult to organize and keep track of what you want to view. The Pocket app, however, can help make that easier.

Pocket allows you to keep a list of online articles, videos and images that you’d like to refer to later. The app will save them locally so that you don’t need an Internet connection to revisit them. They’ll also be synced to Pocket’s servers, so you can access them from other devices using the Pocket app or website.

In order to keep organized, Pocket can sort content by tags and creates a dedicated page for your favourites. You can also archive content to remove it from your main list, but keep it elsewhere for future reference. A search function can further help you find anything you’re looking for, although it only searches the titles of content.

The app will learn from anything you save in order to recommend articles for you. Over time, it will also suggest which content in your list might be most relevant to you.

If you’re willing to pay $5.79 per month or $51.99 per year for Pocket Premium, the search function will look beyond content titles and search the content itself. Premium will also offer suggestions for tags and keep permanent copies of content that will stick around even if the corresponding web page is taken down.

The Pocket app is available for free on the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store.

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