App of the Week: Booth & Bottle

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By Igor Magun

If you love to indulge in Toronto’s nightlife, Booth & Bottle is a great app that makes it easy to plan your night out.

Booth & Bottle allows you and your friends to get onto the guest list at twelve different clubs in Toronto. As the name suggests, the app also lets you reserve a booth and the bottles to go with it. If you aren’t sure what club you’d like to attend, the app offers photos and descriptions for each, in addition to specifying the type of music they play.

“Usually, promoting companies will just promote one or two clubs. We wanted to give more variety to our users,” said Ernesto Gaita, co-founder of Booth & Bottle. “We wanted to make a simple, easy way to reserve your nightlife, through an app, for all of Toronto.”

The app also offers a rewards program in which points are given for using the app or sharing a referral code with friends. The points can be redeemed for drinks, free club entry and even a free booth with two  complimentary bottles. Points can also be put towards discounts on clothing from up-and-coming brands.

“What we like to do is support our local brands, anything from Toronto,” Gaita said. “So our first reward is a coupon code from one of the [up-and-coming] clothing companies in Toronto right now, Kings Avenue Clothing.” The developers plan to rotate participating companies each month.

The app is continually improved with weekly updates.

“We’re still adding things to it, taking things out, seeing how users like it,” Gaita said.

Eventually, the plan is to expand the service to Montreal, Vancouver and Edmonton.

“We figure if we can perfect it in Toronto, we can bring it pretty much anywhere in Canada.”

Booth & Bottle is available for free on the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store.

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