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By Tommy Thuglas

Most of y’all know me by now, and if you don’t then get ready for me to blow up. My name is Tommy Thuglas and I’m one of the freshest voices in the game.

When I was young I had a terrible escalator accident, and have had to wear a permanent neck brace ever since. But instead of feeling sorry for myself, that accident has fueled me all my life. I use this brace as motivation for my rhymes. It’s part of who I am.

“If I walk by with my brace y’all better keep a straight face.”

This month I’ll be releasing my debut mixtape Brace Yourself. I’ve been working on this tape for over a year. I believe it combines my passion for the music along with the social issues that I face living in this world with a brace.

You can buy my tape on iTunes, Amazon or at your local music store. For a sneak peek of my sound, you can check out, or you can watch my verse on the latest Cypher.

Please buy my tape and continue to show your support. Big ups to the crew that’s been with me from day one.

“I got a brace on my neck but I’m still getting bank cheques.”

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