Comedian Rocky Snell performs for a Ryerson podiatry class.


Professor hires warm-up comic

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By Robert Mackenzie

Megan Bortosky believes that laughter is the medicine she needs to get her students focused.

On Monday, Ryerson announced that they would be accepting the podiatry professor’s plan to hire local comedian Rocky Snell to perform a 10-minute stand-up set at the beginning of each of her lectures.

“For some students I’m the second or third class they’ve had in a day. It can be hard to get them to pay attention,” Bortosky said. “I hope that having Rocky come in to perform every day will give students a chance to relax, which will then help them engage throughout my lecture.”

Bortosky said that she came up with the idea when she saw Snell perform one night at the Laugh Dome on Eglinton Avenue.

“He was so funny, and held my complete attention throughout his set. I approached him immediately after with the idea.”

Snell will be releasing his hour-long special What’s That Snell? later this month, and hopes that this new job will help him advertise his brand. “I want people to be familiar with my style of comedy,” he said.

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