Conservative party leader Stephen Harper hopes to be reelected in the Oct. 19 elections.

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Ryerson profs sign open letter blasting the Conservative party

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By Keith Capstick and Laura Woodward

Three Ryerson professors signed an open letter regarding the Conservative party’s “unethical” campaign tactics.

The letter “condemns” the party for “cynical tactics” that go against Canadian values, ethics and “civil democratic discourse” — focusing on the party’s alleged racism.

“The Conservative Party under Stephen Harper has already come perilously close to this [ethical] line by suggesting that religion is an appropriate basis to select refugees and by fanning fears of terrorism as a pretext for revoking citizenship from some Canadians,” the letter read.

“A special mechanism that targets some minorities for extra scrutiny is as unnecessary as it is odious.”

In total there was 587 Canadian academics who signed the letter amidst the two associate Ryerson English professors, Andrew O’Malley and Nima Naghibi, and associate philosophy professor David Hunter.

“We condemn the unethical Conservative strategy that brings shame to Canadian politics. We hope that Canadians will join us in repudiating the politics of hate.”

Voting takes place on Oct. 19.


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