App of the Week: Tossup

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By Igor Magun

If you’re having trouble deciding on plans with your friends, this week’s app, Tossup, can be of assistance.

Tossup allows you to set up a poll for your plans, where each of your friends can vote for what they want to do. Each user can vote for multiple things in order to determine what best suits the most people. Polls can also ask yes or no questions, as well as what date and time works best for everyone.

If you’re meeting up for food and drinks, Tossup can pull venue information, photos, and reviews from Yelp and TripAdvisor to help everyone make a decision. For other kinds of poll questions, a photo can be added to each option manually. Each person participating in the poll is free to add their own options as well, in case your friends have some ideas you haven’t thought of.

Each poll you create also has a comments section so everyone can discuss the available options. Friends can be invited to the app by sending them a link through email, SMS, or any other messaging platform.

Tossup is available for free on the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play. A web interface is available too, but it only allows users to respond to poll questions instead of creating or commenting on them.

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