Come see my vast selection of modern antiques!

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By Baguelle Swinson

Timeless treasures, childhood memories, affordable prices. I’m Baguelle Swinson, and I am proud to introduce my new store Contemporary Antique.

I have spent the last 15 years of my life running away from my past and collecting pieces to complete my gallery. Unlike your traditional antique store, everything I sell is no more than 15 years old. I can guarantee it.

If you’d like to furnish your dining room, add character to your living room or give your bedroom a little pizazz, then you need to take a Sunday afternoon to come by my shop and browse our vast selection of modern antiques!

At Contemporary Antique, we sell everything that you’ve forgotten about for the past decade!

My passion for collecting started in 2000, when I was the owner of a popular restaurant in a small northern Quebec town. We were very successful and I built a relationship within the small community. Unfortunately, one day I made the decision to serve some scallops that the chef thought looked a little off. This led to an outbreak of the TS74 virus (also known as Swintanba), a rare, fatal pancreatic condition. For some reason, I was immune to this disease and was able to leave before all life in the town was infected and eventually wiped from existence.

Ever since then I’ve had the bug to search for new and used (but mostly new) artifacts to add to my collection!

Want a 13-inch tube TV and boombox to spruce up the “man cave”? We got it! Need a copy of Rollercoaster Tycoon to entertain your nephew Ethan, who was the only other survivor of the epidemic? We got it! Have a hankering for a bottle of Mellow Yellow? You know we got that! But I wouldn’t recommend drinking it because it’s like 10 years old and I would hate to be the cause of another infectious viral disease.

So come on down to Contemporary Antique and take some time to reminisce on the good not-too-old days, when life was much simpler and you had friends that didn’t all foam from the mouth.

With files from Robert Mackenzie

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