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Meet Stacey Stewart’s hamster foot

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By Robert Mackenzie

When you attend one of Stacey Stewart’s lectures, there’s a chance you may learn something new — but you’re guaranteed to see something new.

Stewart has been teaching exit strategy at Ryerson for more than eight years, all with the help of a furry little friend.

Stewart has a normal left foot, but it is the right one that raises a few eyebrows. Stewart has a hamster foot. The bottom of his right ankle is connected to the back of a live, brown hamster.

“I’m able to walk, run, stand without any trouble or pain,” Stewart said. “The only difference is that one of my feet is a hamster.”

According to Stewart, once students get past the initial bewilderment and confusion with his hamster foot, they are able to have a little fun with it.

“Once they get comfortable we’re always able to crack some jokes,” he said. “Sometimes they even try playing with it. It’s never really caused any problems in my classes.”

Professional doctor Wanda Muir says Stewart’s hamster foot is something she has never seen before. “Up until now I thought it was impossible for someone to have a mammal instead of a foot,” Muir said. “But that’s why I got into this business, to learn as much as I can about the human anatomy.”

Stewart doesn’t plan on getting rid of his hamster foot anytime soon. “I have grown to really like the little guy down there,” he said. “I know that I’m never alone, I always have a bit of company.”

Unfortunately, Stewart says that his relationship with hamster foot has grown more complicated over the past few months, as he is starting to adopt some of the hamster’s thoughts and sensibilities.

“It seems that slowly I am beginning to think more like a hamster,” Stewart said. “More and more I’m craving seed mix, alfalfa and that kind of stuff. It definitely makes me a little uneasy.”

Perhaps one day Stewart will have to make the decision between either chopping off hamster foot or having his body completely overtaken by hamster foot. But for now, Stewart can rest easy knowing he’s got a furry little buddy to cuddle up with at night.

“I’m visibly single, so it’s always nice having a bit of company in the bedroom.”

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