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Memorial honors fallen members of the trans community

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By Mikayla Fasullo

On Nov. 20, Ryerson’s Trans Collective held the annual Trans Day of Remembrance memorial in the the Student Learning Centre.

The room was packed with dozens of students and visitors who took a seat and many more who stopped to watch.

“I feel that being trans gender is a gift, its a gift that were able to discover accept and love ourselves and our unique talents,” said sociology student and collective representative Markus Harwood-Jones. 

“As we gather here today to reflect on the trans day of remembrance, we must ask what we can do to resist all forms of violence and honour all of those who’ve been lost.”Jones then initiated a moment of silence for those in the attendance.

Singer -C- from the band I. M. Brown, performed and received a standing ovation from the audience. Before her performance, she shared a story she had experienced before the memorial.

A man approached her on the street and asked, “Are you working?” She was puzzled. “Oh sorry, I thought you were a whore,” he said in response.

“I’m a whore, but I’m not your whore,” she said, recalling her anger. “That’s how I’m celebrating Trans Day of Resilience so far.”

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