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Rye High: The next generation

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By Mikayla Fasullo

“When I think of Ryerson the first thing that comes to mind is innovative,” said Mojeane Asdr from Thornlea Secondary School in Tornhill. “It seems like a really tight-knit school.”

Much like a first date, Ryerson wanted to make a good first impression at its Nov. 13 open house when a record number of high school students (and prospective Rams) flooded onto campus.

It seems being located downtown made the school a shoe-in for a second date.

“When I think of Ryerson I think of the centre of the city, a really central place to be,” said Danica Henry from Agincourt Secondary School in Scarborough.

Marisa Modeski, assistant director, student recruitment  explained that along with the perks of being downtown there are many opportunities. “It’s really advantageous for students,” she said. “I just don’t think you can find those experiences anywhere else and that’s a huge opportunity.”

Every program in the school had a booth in the gym equipped with brochures and representatives loaded with information. Some professors attended the event to talk about their programs and meet some future students.

“I love how kind and respectful the professors, students and TA’s are and how passionate they are,” said Navid Hashemi from Sir John A. MacDonald high school in Scarborough.

Many tweaks were made to this year’s event, such as starting the day earlier to accommodate the students and parents who were interested in seeing campus, as well as residence.

“We want to give a good impression,” said Emily Betteridge, a third-year creative industries student and student representative for the Rams sports booth. Betteridge said she wants to expose the high schoolers to what a great and positive environment the school is.

With the volume of students this year reaching its highest, Betteridge has only gotten positive feedback. “People have a lot of questions, a lot of interests and its nice to show them that Ryerson can offer them a lot of different clubs and programs.”

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