Source: “Mackenzie stole fun profits”

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By Pew Chalmers

A source has claimed that fun editor Robert Mackenzie was directly involved in an embezzlement scheme of Funvertisement revenue.

Lovebug* has worked closely with Mackenzie in Funvertisement development and production and says that the fun editor had been pocketing a percentage of income from each Funvertisement.

This new information follows the inconsistencies found in the annual fun section audit released last week, which revealed $256,000 in Funvertisement profit was unaccounted for.

According to Lovebug, Mackenzie was not careful about hiding his trail of embezzlement.

In the past week, Mackenzie has attempted to convince his sponsors to launder his embezzled money. “Once he realized there was going to be an audit of the section he tried to cover his tracks,” Lovebug said. “But by that point he was too deep into the scheme.”

Mackenzie has thus far refused to comment directly on these allegations, but in a Twitter statement last week he wrote, “I don’t know anything about this. I am focused on keeping the fun section enjoyable and profitable for the rest of my term.”

Lovebug is coming forward now because Mackenzie has made this scheme much larger and longer than originally planned. “He just started to get greedy, ” Lovebug said. “After a certain point it wasn’t even about the money. He was doing it just for the thrill.”

The Eyeopener said they knew nothing about Mackenzie’s offences, and are working with police to help their investigation.

*The source’s name has been changed to protect their identity

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