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The Pros and Cons of Commuting

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By Skyler Ash

Commuters have it pretty rough. We deal with crazy delays and crazy weather every day, so don’t ever complain about your 10 minute walk to Eric Palin Hall, or else we’ll tell you all about how awesome it is that we don’t have to make our own dinner at the end of a long day.  


-Saving a lot of money on housing

-Uninterrupted access to my pets

-Free Wi-Fi

-My mom cooks all my meals (take that, ramen-everyday-res kids!)

-She also does my laundry

-She also cleans my house

-Wow, my mom is pretty awesome


-Paying for the train/bus/subway/streetcar

-Actually taking the train/bus/subway/streetcar

-Commuting in the cold

-Commuting in the heat

-Not being able to cry while listening to the new Adele album because people can see you

-People who cough/sneeze and then touch everything (this is how the new plague starts)

-Rush hour (no, not the Jackie Chan movie)

-Anybody talking or eating on public transit (nobody likes you, stop it).

-People who sit beside you even though there’s enough room so that they don’t have to…just don’t.

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