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Down with Dara: Schooling you on squirting

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By Bahoz Dara

Winter semester has trickled in and it’s once again time for me to commence this column. I’ll be frank this was the first time in which I was stumped as to what my topic would be. It wasn’t until I realized that many people I engaged with had various questions about this matter. So I figured it was time to hit on bigger and wetter issues.

To start off I feel as if we need a definition as to what squirting is. To get colloquial it is essentially a release of fluid from the urethra that happens during sexual stimulation. Strangely enough it doesn’t seem like a lot of people know this. From the articles and studies I have read, this is not the supreme female ejaculation that porn depicts.

Allegedly it is fluid that originally secretes from the bladder, which would technically mean it is urine and thus making a female’s ejaculatory fluid a completely separate matter. However if you speak to people who have experienced this phenomenon they claim it to be a very different sensation than peeing. Overall, it’s a taboo topic that I encourage everyone to do a little bit of research on.

Now personally I have encountered a number of people who are intrigued by squirting but aren’t too familiar with how to make it happen. For those curious souls all I can do is tell you to stimulate the g-spot located anywhere from one to two inches up in the vagina (it varies for every female). Stimulation of the g-spot can cause swelling of tissues and then a quick release of fluid, ranging from a slight amount to the mass flood that porn displays as the norm. Keep in mind though that it won’t occur for everyone, and that squirting is not the same as having an orgasm.

Overall, I have my own questions on the subject at hand. Firstly, I would like to know if it really is in fact pee (which it seems some studies have proven). Does this dampen its appeal? From my experience numerous people are incredibly fond of squirting or at the very least indifferent, but never against it.

Would the possibility or likelihood of it being a urine-like substance make it undesirable? I genuinely feel like since it is an involuntary action, it should just be accepted if it occurs. This whole concept of urine doesn’t really change anything, and it didn’t seem to impact any previous partners who have managed to induce the spectacle.

Basically if it occurs let it happen. Or better yet if you want to make it happen you just might be able to with a little self-discovery and TLC.

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