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By Richard Kimble

My name is Richard Kimble. More than 20 years ago I was framed for the murder of my wife. After countless time on the run, I was able to definitively prove that I DIDN’T KILL MY WIFE!

Unfortunately, I have been framed for yet another crime and am once again a fugitive.

I write to you all today to plead my innocence and to assure you that I DIDN’T ROB THAT DOMINO’S! IT WAS THE ONE-ARMED MAN!

You may say that you don’t care, but I can’t go down for this. I’m finally getting my practice up and running and I have found a lovely partner after grieving my wife for many years. Also, I just figured out how to access my shows on my new PVR. I have so much Castle to catch up on!

I’ve been working undercover at a local Domino’s whenever possible, but making a fake ID is way harder than it used to be.

If there’s any way you could assist me, be it money, evidence or a Netflix mini-doc series outlining the grey areas of my case, I would appreciate it. I’m in … St. Louis … feel free to pass that info along to CPD.

Twenty-three years ago you believed that I wasn’t a killer. Now I need you to believe that I wouldn’t steal $209, two large Americana’s, one medium Hawaiian and four cheesy breads.

I DIDN’T ROB THAT DOMINO’S! And I won’t turn myself in until I have found the truth.

With files from Robert Mackenzie

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