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Lindsay’s Advice: Holiday Belly Blues

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By Lindsay Christopher

Dear anyone who realized they ate way too much over the holidays,

First of all, Ryerson really screwed all of our eating habits up by making us take a month off of school, so basically it’s their fault. Unless of course you are an engineer; I am sorry about all the exams and having to start a week before everyone else, but at least you didn’t mess up your diet too badly.

To the people who were able to fight off the urge to over-eat at all the holiday feasts, maintained a balanced diet and workout regimen while being off of school: you are an anomaly and deserve an award for exerting so much self-control.

If you are confident in how you look and don’t want to work on your fitness, then you can disregard everything that follows. But if you happen to be one of the people who went overboard on the holiday feasts and desserts, here are some tips to get back to your healthy body.

Why not take the stairs at Ryerson’s Student Learning Centre (SLC)? Everyone takes the elevator, so when you’re dressed like you’re homeless and all you want to do is study, the empty cement staircase is a great place to avoid humanity. Also, if you’re still recovering from all the turkey comas, the staircase is the perfect quiet space to take a nap.

I love to surf, so my favourite place in the SLC is the beach floor. You can surf the internet at tables, on couches or lounging around on the bean bags.

Ryerson students have free access to two gyms. Anyone with a OneCard is able to use these gym facilities with no extra charge! At the Ryerson Athletic Centre there’s a window where you can see people lifting weights down below; it’s amazing how tired you will get from watching other people work out.

It’s important to remember that progress doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll get to where you want to be eventually with hard work and dedication. And if that’s not for you, then eat another cupcake, take a nap and binge some more Netflix. You won’t feel guilty about skipping a workout if you never plan one in the first place.

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