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Lindsay’s Advice: Lecture etiquette

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By Lindsay Christopher

As we begin to move into the new school semester and back into a routine, some people have forgotten how to act in a lecture. We all know lectures aren’t important and there is no real reason to go unless you have an in-class quiz or assignment. However, some people still waste their time going to lectures each week.

If you happen to be one of the people who think that lectures are necessary, I have some advice to help you succeed. The classroom is all about power. If the teacher notices you and talks to you, you will get a better mark in the class.

My first rule is to always be casually late. Your class is like a party, your instructor needs time to set up and get ready. My personal rule is to show up AT LEAST 20 minutes late. When you get there, do not just sneak in and sit in the back, the professor will never notice you that way. You must make an elaborate entrance – and never forget to slam the door.

Always, always, ALWAYS stroll in with a coffee. It’s early. You need caffeine. The professor will understand.

Break the barrier between teacher and student. You don’t want your professor to look down on you. One way to do this is to create clever nicknames for them. Try a play on words with their last name or base it off of a trait they have. If all else fails you can always think of something weird and wacky.

Always be considerate to your classmates. Lectures get long and boring, so if you have access to a computer and a Netflix account, sit in the front row and stream a movie. That way the entire class can see your screen and watch along with you.

However, my best advice is to skip lectures entirely. Just read the textbooks and check D2L.

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