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New student groups, new policy

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By Sarah Krichel

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) approved a motion to update their harassment, discrimination and workplace violence policy on Monday at their Board of Directors (BoD) meeting.

RSU president Andrea Bartlett said that she will meet with the city of Toronto in February to find ways to improve campus safety.

“What I want to understand is how it works from the city’s perspective,” Bartlett said. “This is like a step one meeting to understand if it’s even on their radar.”

The updated policy ensures Ryerson’s environment remains a safe place free of discrimination or harassment of any kind, from racism to sexism and ableism. It also gives instruction to those victimized.

Here is a recap of the other motions presented at the meeting:

• Opting out of health and dental plan — PASSED

Students will have the choice of opting out of the health and dental insurance plan coverage and can choose between having their refund credited to their RAMSS account or receiving a cheque.

• Gallivan and Associates to operate Health and Dental Plan and Wellness — PASSED

The division of People Corporation used in previous years was reappointed as the Ryerson consultant for the health and dental insurance. Effective until Aug. 31, 2021.

• Photography Club — PASSED

The Photography Club of Ryerson was ratified with official status as an RSU group with the rights in the Students Group Policy. The group has already held photo walks from the Ryerson Student Learning Centre to the Polson Pier to the Distillery District.

• Somali Students’ Association — PASSED

The Somali Students’ Association at Ryerson was ratified with official status as an RSU group. The club is meant to bring Somali students and any other students together to educate them about Somalian culture through events like movie nights.

• Election of the Equity and Social Justice Commissioner Chair — PASSED

Cassandra Myers, a board representative from the Faculty of Community Services, was elected for the position and will be acting as a liaison between the board and the executive when handling issues involving equity and social justice.

• The Men’s Issues Awareness Society’s appeal — REJECTED

Another motion was delayed until the BoD’s next meeting to add a first year and international student representative to the RSU’s board.

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