Michael Friedman author of "The Star."

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RU Creative Writing: “The Star”

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Welcome to the Eyeopener’s online series which celebrates the short stories, poems and other literary works from the RU Creative Writing Club. New pieces will be published weekly.
By Michael Friedman

She’s the girl who shines too bright

The doctors call them cancerous tumors

But I prefer to call them sunspots

Not letting the doctors call the shots

She always makes sure to shoot for the stars

Despite being behind bars

Trapped in her envious body

Trying to bring her back down

Keeping her switching between t-shirts and hospital gowns

We both spent several rounds getting injected with chemo

In a sense, we lost our innocence

Cashing in childhood

Letting the loan mature

Not knowing we misspoke

Leaving us alone and mature

People keep calling us ‘patients’

Missing the double meaning

Needing to be told about how some days keep you in bed, and some

Days you may not want to bother


What isn’t fair is the difference in fare that we’ve had to pay

life a subway with different stops

And the doors are stuck, forcing her train to stay

We had each other to relate,

until my final round was over

I was given the luxury of stepping out of the ring

And while she continued to figure skate and sing

There was something brewing

She was given no sugarcoat to keep her warm

The swarm of thoughts returned

Leaving her stomach churned and left her with a 3rd degree burn, before she could get her first

Despite all this, she becomes brighter

I don’t know from where, but she learned to be a fighter

Even when the workload is no lighter

She lights the world on fire

Sparking a flame, No one ever had to ignite-her

Refusing a lack of cure

She moved doctors

Hoping to foster positivity

Hoping her attitude will contrast lab results

With her

Shooting for the stars didn’t require a catapult

But in the end

We were both on a mission to be in remission

Her cancer returned, so she didn’t

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