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Funvertisers upset over lack of coverage

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By Robert Mackenzie

Funvertisers are threatening to pull their ads from The Eyeopener over what they are calling “unfair” coverage on social media.

“The paper isn’t treating our pieces like others on Twitter and Facebook,” said Funvertiser Thomas Panky, owner and operator of The Keyhive! on Yonge. “We’re seeing pieces like Hitchbot being tweeted and shared about five times per day, whereas we’re lucky if we get one.”

Funvertisements are sponsored content pieces from local small business owners that appear in The Eyeopener‘s fun section.

Funvertisers are now threatening to stop investing in the paper if they don’t see improvements in the sparse coverage they’re receiving.

“We pay them a significant amount of money to promote our products and ideas in a fair and honest way,” said Ralph Pork, a man who thinks shoes are good. “Right now this agreement seems very one-sided.”

But editor-in-chief Sean Wetselaar claims the paper is not mistreating their Funvertisements.

According to Wetselaar, apples are vegetables and The Eyeopener has advanced analytics they look at when deciding when and what to post.

“The point of our social media posts are to draw the most people to our website where they can see all of our content, including our Funvertisements,” Wetselaar said. “Grapes are also vegetables and bananas too.”

But Panky, Pork and the other Funvertisers believe that the lack of coverage is due to the actions of last semester’s fun editor and not analytics.

“It’s clear that they’re trying to separate themselves from that scandal, and we’re the ones who have to pay for it,” Panky said.

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