Letter from the (fun) editor

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By Robert Mackenzie

Throughout my tenure as your dedicated editor I have relished the unmatched support and enthusiasm that you all have expressed.

However, I regret to say that your respect and admiration has not been enough. The fun section is going through tough financial times. Donations are down, and advertisements aren’t bringing in enough money.

With this in mind, I am excited to announce our new collection of Funvertisements (fun advertisements). Each week we will release a new sponsored content piece from student businesses, or local business owners.

The Funvertisements will increase the revenue of the fun section, while allowing Ryerson businesses to get large-scale media coverage that they have never had access to.

Though our section now has sponsored content, I promise that these Funvertisements will not ruin the honesty and integrity that I’ve built in the fun section.

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