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Lindsay’s Advice: What to do if you fail a test

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By Lindsay Christopher

With midterm season approaching everyone’s cramming their brains with knowledge about what they think might be on their tests.

Everyone gives tips about how to study and how to prepare, but what people seem to ignore is what to do if the test doesn’t go as well as you planned.

If you fail a midterm, you’re probably going to fail the class. And if you fail the class you’re wasting time and money. So when you get a mark back that is considered a ‘fail’ in your respective program, here are some things you can do:

Hunt down your TA and blackmail them into upping your grade. The professor and TA are the only people who have access to your marks, and since it’s too dangerous to threaten a teacher, the TA is your only option. Some good tactics are: threatening their family or kidnapping their dog.

Hack into D2L and change your mark. If you’re not adventurous enough to stalk your TA, or you’re just really tech-savvy, a great way to change your mark without hurting anyone is to hack into the online program and change it yourself. The website has so many glitches, I’m sure hacking it wouldn’t be that hard.

Interrupt lecture by hysterically crying. Tell your professor you won’t stop crying until your grade is improved. No one can resist the persuasiveness of tears.

Devote yourself to studies. Quit your job. Turn off your phone. Stop talking to friends. Only leave your books to sleep or eat. If you’re going to come back from a failed test, your only option is complete isolation with your books.

Drop out of school. Unless you can totally devote yourself to school, you’re probably going to fail the class and your program, and eventually end up dropping out, after much more time and money is wasted. Save yourself all the embarrassment and just drop out now.

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