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RU Creative Writing: ‘Destruction’

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Welcome to the Eyeopener’s online series which celebrates the short stories, poems and other literary works from the RU Creative Writing Club. New pieces will be published weekly.

“Destruction” was submitted by Jon Bell.

The greatest source of destruction is not evil it’s insecurity.
Destruction will not announce itself at your door
It will not be ugly It will not be accompanied by music in a minor key

Dear 16-year-old me
You think you know love you don’t.
You think you know what it looks like you don’t.
Love should not be exhausting
It should not be disorienting
Every conversation should not be a minefield sprinkled with eggshells

You should not feel afraid of their moods
You should not feel trapped into spending time with them
You should be respected when you disagree
And you should not always be wrong

Cut off your arm and feed it to a dying wolf – it will be your fault when it takes the rest
If you have nothing left, do not give, for their bags are not yours to carry

As a boy, you think you know bravery you don’t.
For it is not cowardice to sidestep a truck driving on the sidewalk
Some people are trucks driving on the sidewalk
Some people are trucks
Is it their fault? I don’t know, but you need to stop asking that question
“Are they safe for me?” is the question for you
Are they safe? Are they safe?

People warn you about love, they say, “Beware its lenses,”
But the blindfolds of great sex and need are worse.
The people you love should not lie, escalate conflict
Nor mask their flaws with politics

You deserve to be told the truth
You deserve apologies without excuses
You deserve to have your intentions trusted
You deserve to be someone’s goal, the basketball net, not the rebound

When people cry, they should not shed blame
And finally, beware trying to help anyone
Some people want to do it themselves
Some think they deserve to die
And some will hurt you if you try.

You deserve more than you know
You exist without external validation
I love you, And goodbye.

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