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RU Creative Writing: ‘The Edge of My Bed’

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Welcome to the Eyeopener’s online series which celebrates the short stories, poems and other literary works from the RU Creative Writing Club. New pieces will be published weekly.

“The Edge of My Bed” was submitted by Jon Bell.

I sat on the edge of my bed the other day at night and I realized

That I do not understand my world

I do not understand a world that contains billionaires and poverty

I do not understand a world that contains kids murdered by civilian-owned assault rifles

And people who defend the right to bear arms

I do not understand how anyone gets to profit from war –

Everyone should lose from that

I do not understand why the people who violate consent get to have friends I do not understand

I do not understand why Donald Trump gets to be A presidential candidate of one of the most powerful countries in the world I do not understand

Most of all, for me, I do not understand the belief in a homophobic God The perfect father who plays favourites Whether He exists or not, to him I say

If you are going to turn my friends away from the gates to paradise

For their sexual orientations

Then you’re sending me too

For I want no part of that heaven

No part of that Earth

No part of that church

No part of any part of that dominion

And I will fight with my skin on fire if I must

But I am spending eternity with the people I love.

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