Student Learning Centre staff with Ryerson's interim president, Mohamed Lachemi.

Photo courtesy: Winnie Fung

The Student Learning Centre has its first anniversary

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By Alanna Rizza

Today marks the first anniversary of the opening of the Student Learning Centre (SLC), and the Ryerson community can take part in the celebrations through a multimedia campaign.

“We’ve had such a successful year, and we want to look back on it and celebrate our accomplishments,” said Winnie Fung, who is co-leading the campaign and is one of the SLC’s assistants.

This week the SLC staff are asking Ryerson students, faculty and staff to post their memories of the SLC on any social media platform using #RSLCYR1. This content will be curated into a digital time capsule that will be opened on the fifth year anniversary of the SLC in the year 2020.

“Essentially it’s our way of creating a campaign to bring the community together [to share] photos and memories and moments, tweets, videos of their time at the SLC throughout this first year,” said Curtis Yim, one of the SLC’s building officers.

The idea of the digital time capsule began when various stakeholders of the SLC came together to brainstorm ideas of how to bring the Ryerson community together to celebrate the first anniversary.

“It’s really cool to see, when you look back, how the students who made this their home, how they interacted with the space when it first opened, how they engaged with the different stakeholders and how we evolved since day one.”

“In 2020 it is not yet determined, I’m sure we’ll think of a creative way, of how to display the time capsule,” Yim said.

For the rest of the week there will be photos taken in the SLC with Eggy and with the anniversary banner.

First-year aerospace engineering student Sevag Gaprielian said he is in the SLC almost everyday and that it is a great place for studying and hanging out with friends. He said his fondest memory was celebrating finishing exams with his friends and that they bought a cake to eat at the SLC.

“I think the celebration is good because a lot of people who go to the SLC, who aren’t from Ryerson, like we have this building and they always try to talk badly about us, but they’re here using our building to study.”

He said the SLC is his preferred place to go to when he’s not in class.

“The SLC makes me want to study because there’s always a white board to write things down and then you can spend time with your friends. It’s a good place for people with different ways of learning,” Gaprielian said.

“The big thing really is [for everyone] to get out [their] memories of the SLC. If it’s text, video or photo, we’d love to see it and incorporate it in the time capsule and look back at that shared moment,” Yim said.

Fung said they are always looking for comments and feedback of the building and that the SLC staff encourage this from the Ryerson community.

“Our culture here is that we are forever evolving, we never want to stop improving. So it can only go up from here.”

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