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Dude takes a leak on my diorama

Some student left their flashy diorama to dry outside of the Architecture Building. Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone would happen to pee on it? Well, some dude did. Bet the student was pissed.

Dazed and confused at RU

In true high school fashion, some group of straight-A students set off a fire alarm in TRSM after smoking the devil’s lettuce in a stairwell. How lame is that?

Student escapes death by Buggy

Engineers were cautioned during their annual Buggy Push after they almost hit a passerby with a thousand-pound killing machine, otherwise known as a car.

Love in POD building

Another couple was caught doing the do in a Ryerson bathroom. This. Happens. Every. Fucking. Week. What’s going on RU?

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