Dr. Roberta Bondar in 2010.

Photo: Northern Alberta Institute of Technology/Flickr

First Canadian female astronaut Roberta Bondar talks at Rye

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By Jacob Dubé

Dr. Roberta Bondar, Canada’s first female astronaut, gave a talk to Ryerson students Friday night at St. Michael’s Hospital.

Organized by the Ryerson Science Society (RSS), the Faculty of Science and the Ryerson Career Centre, Bondar and RSS president Ana Sofía Vargas Garza spoke about the uncertainty students face when thinking about the future.

“In your education, find something that grabs your attention, that grabs your passion … because if it doesn’t, why are you doing it?” said Bondar in her talk.

Bondar spoke about her experience going to space, her collaboration with Ryerson on researching the regulation of cerebral blood flow in space and what it means to be a woman in a male-dominated area.

“I feel like a cheerleader for women and a role model for men,” she said.

She said she wouldn’t go back into space, unless the trip was to the moon.  

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