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Lindsay’s Advice: Winter to spring

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By Lindsay Christopher

The snow has melted, the air has warmed and it seems like most days are sunny. It’s finally spring time!

Spring is the season for starting fresh, which for some people means buying a new wardrobe. But we’re all students, and it’s not always affordable to go spring shopping. I have some foolproof tips on how to swap your old winter clothes into hot spring fashions:

  1. Blanket scarfs. You know that blanket you’ve been hibernating in since November? A hot new trend right now is blanket scarfs! All you have to do is fold your blanket around yourself a few times and wrap it loosely around your neck.
  2. Cut-off jeans are always in style. Why bother buying new pants? Grab your favourite pair of jeans and just cut them into capris! The best about this tip is that when summer comes you can cut the capris into shorts. Then, if you’re crafty enough you can sew the pant legs back on for next winter! Vintage style has never been so easy.
  3. Homemade sunglasses. Classes are basically over for this semester, so there’s no sense in having reading glasses anymore. Cover the lens with a sharpie marker for a cute and cheap DIY sunglass look.
  4. Vests are really in. We’re in the weird part of the year where it’s too warm for a winter coat, but you sometimes need more than a light jacket. Why not wear a vest? You can easily transform any big, bulky inter coat into a sleek spring vest by ripping off the sleeves!
    * You can also use this technique to turn drab long sleeve shirts into fab tank tops.
  5. Cute spring dresses. Everyone rocks thick, oversized sweaters through the winter, but did you know you can easily turn them into cute spring dresses? Just don’t wear pants!! Hollywood has normalized wearing dresses that barely cover your butts, which is great news for spring fashion.
  6. Open toed boots. Open toed boots are a huge spring trend. But why waste money on new boots when you already have so many pairs hiding in your closet? Usually the seam at the front of winter boots is pretty loose. Pull your front of your boots apart at the front seam, then use a knife and cut across the top once your toes are exposed to your liking. BOOM! Open toed boots.

With these fashion tips you’ll be sure to transition smoothly from winter to spring!

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