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Man unintentionally holds door for other man

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By Ian Yamamoto

Toronto local Gus Fletcher mistook a man walking behind him, one Justin Holloway, for a woman and held the door for him.

Witnesses say Holloway, five feet five inches, 130 pounds, has large blue eyes, a fair complexion and blonde shoulder-length hair.

Fletcher initially described Holloway as “just my type” and reportedly loved the fact that he was wearing all denim.

“I thought I’d hold the door like a gentleman and shoot her a smile. Then she’d say thank you, and that’d be my in,” said Fletcher.

“But when I turned around it was a guy. I kinda had to squint a bit to make sure because he had bangs, but it was definitely a guy. A soft-skinned, blemish-free guy. What really sucks is I was trapped holding that door, smiling, because I was about five seconds ahead of him.”

Sources say Holloway, upon noticing Fletcher holding the door, picked up his pace into a half-run, half-speedwalk. Upon reaching Fletcher, Holloway looked at the ground and gave a quiet thank you.

Fletcher was last seen subtly modifying his walking speed so as to be far enough ahead of Holloway to not feel obliged to hold the upcoming door.

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