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By Ian Yamamoto

An S&M themed bed and breakfast in Stellarton, Nova Scotia is looking to reopen its doors after being recently shut down. Locals are dismayed, but as long as “Euphoria B&B” is up to code, officials say there’s not much they can do. Toronto, what do you think?

Photo: Tony Alter/Flickr

Photo: Tony Alter/Flickr

It’s nice to see a cheap alternative to Thailand for us perverts hit by the recession.

Brad Strickland – Drone Pilot

_Sandra Goldberg_ by Vladimir Pustovit

Photo: Vladimir Pustovit/Flickr

I hear their breakfast and bed involves staff throwing hot oatmeal at you and calling you a pig.

Sandra Goldberg – Deodorant Tester

Photo: Vadim Cojuhov/Flickr

Photo: Vadim Cojuhov/Flickr

The reviews I’ve read are confusing. User masochist123 says the room was filthy and he got food poisoning, but he gave it five stars?

Pete Lessel – Web Browser

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