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Nadia Mohabir remembered for her smile and humour

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By Alanna Rizza

People recognized Nadia Mohabir for her smile. During the many fashion events she attended throughout her three years in the industry, she was always interacting with everyone in the room.

Mohabir was studying business and technology at Ryerson and was about to begin her second year. She always encouraged her colleagues and was said to have been genuinely happy for the success of those around her. Her friends and family supported her in everything she pursued, and she made sure to do the same for others.

On Aug. 2, Mohabir collided with a garbage truck in Pickering, Ont. and was pronounced dead at the scene. She was 19 years old.

Narbir Gosar, a Toronto fashion photographer, met Mohabir at an event in 2014 and immediately saw her potential in modelling.

“I would keep recommending her to clients. She was a very talented model,” he said. “She got along with everybody. I don’t know anyone who got any bad vibes from her. No one had anything bad to say about her.”

Sarah Hussain, an art director and stylist who worked with Mohabir on various projects and shoots said she was immediately drawn to Mohabir’s energy on set—the case for many other industry members. Hussain said one of Mohabir’s goals was to model for Vogue India.

Mohabir had an outgoing personality and became friends with both Gosar and Hussain instantaneously. They describe her as a positive person who would always be making jokes with everyone she knew.

“She was such a sweetheart, we became friends and she would ask me for advice as an older sister,” Hussain said.

In a Facebook post written soon after her death, Ahmer Sherani, a close friend of Mohabir, wrote about their frequent breakfast trips and bike rides at Centre Island. They recently painted her bedroom together.

“My fondest memory, however, will always be how you brought so much love into my life,” he said. “You were selfless, always caring about other people’s happiness before yours. The smile on your face at what you had just created, spoke volumes to the love you had for us. Believe me, we knew it.”

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