App of the Week: Companion

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By Syed Razvi

With the app Companion, your smartphone can help keep you safe when you travel. Available on iOS and Android, this free app lets users select virtual companions for their journeys, who can then monitor them as they go from place to place.

If you feel unsafe heading home, you can use Companion to share your location with someone who will be notified when you reach your destination.

Any suspicious movements of the phone, including headphones being pulled out, trigger alarms from the app. If an alarm is activated and there is no response, virtual companions watching the user’s journey have the option to call the police.

Companion does not require a user’s contacts to have the app installed in order for them to monitor that person’s trips. It can use texts to alert people who do not have the app.

To grab the attention of friends or family while travelling through secluded areas, the “I Feel Nervous” feature comes in handy. This feature lets one’s companion know that the user feels there could be danger.

Companion can also be used by people who want to help direct others. Students familiar with
the area could use it to help new students find their way around campus when they get lost. It’s easy for users to call someone while they travel because the app runs in the background.

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