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Drake makes surprise appearance at Thanksgiving dinner

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“He used to break into my mom’s home”

Mom didn’t expect to be Hotline Blinging this holiday season.

In the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, just as the cranberry sauce was at a perfect viscosity level, famous Toronto rapper Drake crawled out from under the table and started carving himself a piece of the turkey.

“Any time they call my phone and say I can come eat your food, I’m touching this stuffing right here.”

He proceeded to fill his plate with six servings of pumpkin pie and nine servings of mashed sweet potatoes, because, “you turn the six upside down, it’s a nine now.”

“How long was he under that table, waiting to make his surprise appearance?” said RSU president Obaid Ullah, whose dinner Drake interrupted. “We only invited Future and DJ Esco.”

Ullah was later billed $6,666,666 for the performance.

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