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Ryerson League of Legends players host orientation night

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By Adriel Smiley

Gamers united for Ryerson’s League of Legends social night on Wednesday. The event gathered together about 30 players at Ryerson, many of whom said they had been eager to meet other players.

League of Legends is a popular competitive PC game played by over 100 million people worldwide. It’s usually played in five-member teams. In August, a sold-out Air Canada Centre hosted the North American League Championship Series Summer Finals, one of the game’s top tournaments.

“I don’t even know who actually plays League (of Legends) so I thought of this night,” said nursing student Christie Chung, who organized the event.

There were icebreakers to get students mingling and conversing, along with League-themed charades and a four-team trivia tournament.

Passion for League of Legends was evident as each person shared how they first started playing the game. League of Legends is in its sixth season now, but many of the attendees, like geographic analysis student Paolo Galen, have been playing since its genesis in 2010.

“I started because I heard about it through my friends… people were already hyping the game up and when my friends started playing I was sold,” said Galan.

This is one of the first of many events for League of Legends players at Ryerson this year. Chung spoke about upcoming LAN (Local Area Network) events and viewing parties and other activities that will be happening throughout the year.

LAN events are usually held at a venue where everyone needs to be online to participate but players can sit with their teammates while they play.

Daniel Silva, VP of Gaming and Multiplayer E-sports of Ryerson (GAMER), discussed the possibility of expanding LAN events to other Toronto schools like York and U of T.

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