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Veg food topic of discussion at second Board of Directors meeting

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By Alanna Rizza

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) held the second Board of Directors meeting of the school year. Here are the motions presented at the meeting:

The RSU will provide at least 50 per cent plant-based food and beverage at its events, including but not limited to meetings and social functions — PASSED

The motion presented was for the RSU to provide at least 50 per cent plant-based food and beverage at its events to promote social justice on healthy living and being environmentally conscious. The motion also states that the food provided would be based on a dollar amount. The motion was amended to have this initiative be for 6 months. There will be a survey available at the events for the board to evaluate its effectiveness.

Ratification of Hindu Students’ Association — PASSED

Saheb Sarkar, second-year business management student, said that the group hopes to share the diversity and culture of Hinduism on Ryerson campus through events and social gatherings.

Ratification of a cycling committee — PASSED

The motion was proposed to ratify a cycling committee that will work to improve cycling services on campus and to promote health and wellness.

Ratification of RU Stargazers and ratification of the Arab Students Association was moved to the next BoD meeting since there was no one from the groups to present to the board.

RSU president Obaid Ullah gave an update on the Wellness Centre. He said that the centre hasn’t been completed for the scheduled time of September since the books from the Used Book Room (which was previously in the space and has since been transferred online) are still there. Ullah said the RSU currently doesn’t know where to put the books.

Ullah also said the RSU is hiring a part-time staff for the centre.

At the end of the meeting there was a motion passed for an in-camera session to discuss 6 Fest. Non-board members were asked to leave the room as confidential information of the concert was discussed.

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