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Young designers feature their work at INTRO fashion show

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By Izabella Balcerzak

The designs made by second-year fashion students walked the runway in Ryerson’s annual “Intro to Fashion” fashion show.

The students, who were in their first year of FSN 123—an intro to fashion class—designed the outfits on display and were given a month and a focus of “daywear dresses”.

“We had to keep it pretty minimal when it comes to design.” said Alexandria Jones, second-year fashion student and dress designer. “My inspiration was Venetian Gothic architecture.” A theme that was evident in the clothing showcased that night. Bold block patterns with colours such as yellow against green, and purple against black, were popular among the dresses.

Lu Ann LaFrenz, fashion design program director, said that this event “inspires students in other years [to see] many different styles with one rule.” Students were also required to follow a “three manipulations” guideline on their fabric.

“Because each dress is a different designer, we couldn’t get together a general theme,” said Dani Keko-Aranilla, fashion student who also did PR for the show. “Our whole inspiration for the show was the game of ‘trust’”. Models walked in between four big blocks on the ground, weaving around them with elegance and poise.

Models on the runway strutted regardless of size, ethnicity, shape or gender. LaFrenz believes this is what makes the fashion show successful.

“It show really helps to empower students and showcase diversity.”

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