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Breaking: Mohamed Lachemi says he will pay for Ryerson students’ 6 Fest refunds

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By Penelope Latte

Ryerson president Mohamed Lachemi is giving out his Christmas money to all Ryerson students who still haven’t received 6 Fest ticket refunds.

“Santa didn’t give me what I wanted and since I’m an adult, my relatives thought all I wanted for Christmas was cash instead of actual wrapped presents,” Lachemi said. “All I got was a bunch of cards with money in it—what am I supposed to do with that?”

That’s when Lachemi got the idea to give his money to “the poor souls” who still haven’t received their 6 Fest ticket refund.

“I didn’t receive anything on my Christmas list that I sent to Santa,” he said. “So I thought that since I didn’t get any presents, I might as well give the students the greatest gift of all: 6 Fest refunds.”

Lachemi said he will be giving out his Christmas money at 8 a.m. at  Lake Devo on Jan. 16.

The 6 Fest drama began when the RSU changed the dates for the two day concert. Students took to the 6 Fest Facebook event page to express their frustration and demand refunds since many of them could no longer attend the festival.

More drama ensued after students’ expectations weren’t met when Drake never showed up.

“First the date change, then Drake not showing up and I STILL haven’t received my refund after almost THREE months of purchasing my ticket—everything about 6 Fest was ridonculous,” fourth-year hospitality and tourism student Lesley Schabbs wrote in an email to The Eye.

“Thank goodness Mr. Lachemi is starting 2017 off right by helping Rye students.”

Third-year music engineering student Omar Montgomery said he is “so upset” about the way 6 Fest was organized that he will be running for vice-president student life and events in the RSU’s upcoming election.

“I’m definitely running in the election and right now I’m trying to put together a slate,” Montgomery said.

“I just want to give my homie Mohamed Lachemi a shout out for being my inspiration to create change.”

Lachemi wouldn’t say exactly how much money he got for Christmas, but he did say it was enough to give to all students requesting refunds.

“I’ll be the 6 God that won’t disappoint,” he said.

RSU vice-president student life and events Harman Singh did not respond to The Eye in time for the publication of this article.

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