Falzon (left) pictured with Toronto Mayor John Tory. Photo Courtesy Charles Flazon

New music program at Ryerson to focus on the business of music

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By Annie Arnone

A new four-year music program is on the horizon for Ryerson, according to the dean of the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) Charles Falzon.

The program will focus on the music industry, rather than the standard music program typical to other universities, which deals with music theory and performance.

“[The program] is currently in development and it focuses on professional music—not just music performance, but the music industry itself,” he said. “It’s what it’s like to run a label, build concerts, music production and audio manufacturing,”he said.

According to Falzon, FCAD hopes to focus on the musicians at Ryerson who wish to have a business in music. He added that he hopes this will help students who want to work behind the scenes, building on the already avid existence in Ryerson’s music field.

FCAD has been active in promoting Ryerson music education, and recently featured famous singer and songwriter Greg Phillanges at a Music Den talk on Jan. 27.

Falzon also recently attended an arts conference in L.A. alongside Toronto Mayor John Tory, to cultivate connections between Ryerson and the arts industry outside of Canada. He mentioned that he was pleasantly surprised, and proud of Ryerson’s recognition at the Conference.

“California doesn’t even think outside the state, let alone outside of the country,” he said. “So the fact that they said Ryerson was doing amazing things, and to see Ryerson grads join the party, was really cool.”

Falzon couldn’t give The Eyeopener an estimate of when the program will be available for enrolment. 


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