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The Eyeopener presents: Eyes on Rye, episode one

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By Annie Arnone

Welcome to the Eyeopener’s new web series ‘Eyes on Rye,’ where we profile some of Ryerson’s most talented students, doing dope things in their field of study. This week, we are featuring a recent Ryerson grad who takes everyday randomness and turns it into art.

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Copenhagen, Denmark was where Yaïza Décaudin was studying when she created her look book: S(h)ocked — a collection of conceptual art GIFs, outlining different way the world looks at every day items, which in this case was socks.

“We had to make an everyday object beautiful and different, so I used socks,” she said. “Everyday objects can be art.”

Yaïza Décaudin graduated from Ryerson this past fall, majoring in Fashion communications. From her time at Ryerson, until now, Décaudin has not only co-curated various art exhibits, but has gained a following from her unconventional style of art work—ranging from media such as photography, illustrations, or ink work on wood.

“A lot of my themes are feminism and celebrating women and the forces of nature that we are,” she said.


Photo: Yaïza Décaudin

Décaudin just co-curated her first art show this past month, where she showcased her photography series focussing on three women in her life that have inspired her. “I took three simple portraits of women who are super unapologetic in the way that they are and created illustrations from those photographs, and mounted them on plexiglass, hovering over the photographs,” she said.


Photo: Yaïza Décaudin

Décaudin has been featured in Nuit Blanche over the past few years, showcasing sculpture work and lantern instillations, which she mentioned are some of her favourite media lately.

“Sculptures and instillations are physical and all around you. I like that people can walk through my work, and touch it and feel it rather than just looking at it sometimes, it’s really cool.”

Photo: Yaïza Décaudin


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Instagram: @_fromyaya


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