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App of the Week: SleepBot

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By Sylvia Lorico

SleepBot allows you to track how much sleep you get in a period of up to six months. Available on Android and iOS for free, this app lets you track your hours of sleep and sets “smart alarms” to wake you up during light sleep.

By tapping the alarm clock icon on the top of the app, you can add alarms to wake you up. Before you go to sleep, tap on the moon icon. You can set three different features in order to optimize tracking: smart alarm, track motion and record sound.

The smart alarm feature detects when you’re in a light sleep to wake you at the best possible time within a 30-minute window of your choosing. Waking up during this time window makes people feel more energetic and alert.

You can change ideal sleep times under the settings option. Changing this value shifts when your smart alarm will wake you up.

Motion tracking and sound recording options allow you to track the sound and movements you make while you sleep. They work by placing your phone face down beside you on your bed.

The app will begin tracking sleep once you press the “going to sleep” button. You can also include offset times to take into account the few minutes it usually takes to get to sleep, better optimizing tracking.

Under the graph icon, you can see your sleep times listed over several days.  The app will provide trend graphs going back six months that include your sleep times, wake times, sleep length and sleep patterns.

There is also an option to log in to the SleepBot website to backup this data.

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