Here are the results to the RCDS 2017 Board of Directors elections

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The Ryerson Communication & Design Society’s (RCDS) 2017 Board of Directors (BoD) election results are out. Here are the incoming executives and directors for the 2017-2018 academic year:


Braelyn Guppy: 390

Dylan Freeman-Grist: 183

Declined: 135

Vice-president administration and operations

William Fraser
Yes: 522
No: 52
Declined: 135

Vice-president events

Fiona Kenney: 382

Karin Kazakevich: 183

Declined: 144

Vice-president corporate relations

Serena Kwok: 334

Tyler Hersco: 194

Declined: 177

Vice-president finance

Sydney Wong: 378

Samuel Jacobs: 188

Declined: 143

Vice-president marketing

Emmett Charuk
Yes: 540
No: 38
Declined: 131

Vice-president communications

Raven Lam: 334

Alexis Perikleous: 198

Declined: 174

Creative Industries Director

Brandon Schwartz: 88

Katelyn Broad: 72

Declined: 15

RTA school of media director

Jake Benaim: 77

Sebastien Martin-Schultz: 17

Shereeka McEwan: 41

Declined: 25

Interior design director:

Amanda Ross: Acclaimed

Professional communication director

Taylor Stone: Acclaimed

Graphic communications management director

Jody Mitchell: Acclaimed

Journalism director

Tianna Reno: Acclaimed

Ryerson school of performance

Angelo John Pileggi: Acclaimed

School of image arts director

Hayden Jules: Accalimed

Fashion director


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