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Viral mumps case confirmed on campus at Ryerson University

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By Alanna Rizza

A Ryerson student has a confirmed case of the viral infection mumps, and was working at the Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC) while the infection was contagious, according to Heather Adam, manager of operations and strategy at the RAC.

Adam said she was notified by Toronto Public Health (TPH) on March 15 that a student had mumps while working as a part-time scorekeeper during intramural activities at the RAC. She said TPH did not give her a specific date of when the student worked at the RAC.

She said the student did not get the infection while working at the scoring table. 

Adam said she passed on the information to the athletics department and that TPH notified the university. Ryerson students received an email on March 17 that read that TPH was investigating a mumps outbreak in the city of Toronto, but the email did not include anything about a Ryerson student having the infection or that the student was working at the RAC.

According to TPH, mumps causes fever, swelling of salivary glands, loss of appetite, loss of energy and headaches.

More to come.

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