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By Sylvia Lorico

DISCLAIMER: Please send help. It’s 6 a.m. and I’m mocking a calculator.  

Tired of writing out numbers on pieces of paper? Do you want to perform complex and difficult calculations, like adding two numbers in mere seconds?

Available for free on Android and iOS, the calculator app allows you to perform a variety of calculations, from simple ones like solving large derivatives with fractions, to amazingly difficult problems like subtracting two whole numbers.

Users are required to purchase a phone (preferably a flip phone) with a phone plan in order to use this app.

This app has several features which can help you calculate even the most impossible math equations. Some of these include the ability to add, subtract, multiply and even divide numbers! Users can easily tap numbers and signs on the screen in order to state these equations. By pressing the two parallel lines button on the app, users can see their results calculated for them automatically on their phone in mere seconds!

Users can easily tap numbers and signs on the screen in order to state these equations.

For example, you can easily add 2 + 2 by tapping the number, then the plus sign, then the number again, and then the two horizontal lines.

If you happen to be in a math-heavy program like physics, this app is perfect for you! Not that your professor agrees, but who cares? Your professor revels in the pain you feel when they ask you to throw your phone in the garbage and replace it with a sorry excuse for a handheld calculator that costs $50 and you will only ever use once. Using this app saves you the money and your sanity!

But wait! If you’re someone who is not in a math heavy program, the app has additional features that will put even the most talented of engineers out of a job! Some additional features include: that bizarre check mark your teacher used to give you in elementary school, a very surprised “x” key, me after vacationing in the Bahamas for too long, that 10 digit number math nerds love to recite to prove they know something important and of course, all three of the last letters of the alphabet in several different positions!

Using this app saves you the money and your sanity!

Want to really impress someone? The next time you have a job interview and have zero experience, come in with the calculator app and tap the “e” on your screen. “E” stands for Euler’s number. Who’s Euler? He’s a dead Swiss guy who overachieved in everything and probably has better job prospects than you. Also, he has a number named after him, which is basically the equivalent of a Nobel Prize.  

The trick is: if you pretend to know what you’re doing for about 13.5 minutes while showing this number, the interviewer is guaranteed to hire you. Because that’s how interviews work!

Igs Magnum is someone who maths for a living. Here’s what he had to say about the app:

“A solid six out of 10, or three out of five. It’s important to reduce your fractions. You should always reduce your fractions.”

Happy April  Fools Day!

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