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MASS EXODUS 2017: Nicola Filice designs to escape the male gaze

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By Annie Arnone

Nicola Filice decided to clothe her models in pink, soft fabric for her line Body.

The designer became fascinated by the way the media portrays women’s bodies, often exposed and portrayed as “perfect.” Her line is intended to challenge those ideals of women by clothing them almost fully.


Filice believes that women should feel good without having to please “the male gaze.” Rather, the main focus for women, when dressing themselves, should be to love how they look all on their own—just for them.

The line focusses on evening wear, shaping to each individual body so that no women feels that they need to compare themselves to the women around them.

“I wanted [the line] to be something that is a beautiful piece. The way that they’re made is so that women are feeling pretty.”

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