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Wearing a blanket will protect you from harm, student group insists

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By Melissa Salamo

A new popular club is advocating an odd dress code on campus with the support of Ryerson faculty, but some students are enraged.

Members of the My Blanket Protects me from Evil Creatures (MBPEC) club conducted a poll of almost 3,000 students in which 75 per cent agree that they feel safer wrapped in a blanket

“Oh definitely. There’s nothing better than the security and warmth of my blankie,” third-year fashion student Martin Grees said. “I feel like walking in downtown Toronto can be unsafe and nothing or nobody can keep me away from all evil as ‘blankie’ does.”

With the results of the poll in mind, executives of the MBPEC Club have convinced Ryerson faculty that implementing a dress code would be ideal.

“Basically, the club proposed the idea of making blankets our sort of uniform,” president of the MBPEC, Brook Lopi, said. “The poll says something, the people have spoken.

However, students are enraged because they find that having a dress code at university is ridiculous.

“Are you kidding me? Having a dress code in university is rare, but on top of that the dress code they’re talking about is a friggin blanket,” second-year business student Alexander Good, said.

Ryerson faculty thinks that the MBPEC has come up with an amazing idea, which promotes happiness and general feel good hormones.

“We’ve brought up this idea in our meetings and truly believe that having students walk around campus in their blankets will make them feel safer, thus happier,” faculty member Alison Gretchen, said.

Other students like Good feel that applying this dress code will make Ryerson look extremely unprofessional.

“I mean can you picture me showing up to a meeting with a robe on,” Good said. “How do I even make it stay on me … that’s annoying!”

Faculty and the Club said they have a solution to this problem.

“There is a certain way one must put the blanket on and certain tools that must be used to have it placed correctly and comfortably,” Brook said. “We will definitely be giving workshops to help students know how to put their new school uniforms on.”

Faculty said they believe that this uniform will keep students safe in cases of an attack as well.

“Having a blanket on you at all times is so convenient. If someone is tries to harm you, all you have to do is grab the end piece of the blanket and slap it across their face,” Gretchen said. “Hopefully you’ll poke their eye and have time to run away.”

Students like Grees believe that this would be an amazing opportunity for Ryerson to make a fashion statement.

“Oh my gosh, I really think this is going to be a great opportunity for Ryerson to get out there in the fashion world. We could seriously make this work,” Grees said.

Faculty and the club are thinking of starting to implement the new dress code this fall.

They said that they will most probably get rid of all the “inefficient mental health programs” and the WalkSafe Program.

“Ah … sheet! I expected so much more from Ryerson,” Good said.


  1. I don’t believe the wearing of a blanket is all about student comfort. This, i believe, has a deeper meaning.
    Thinking about this article reminded me of the old saying; “Never Judge a book by its cover.”
    People are so critical of what other people wear, eat, pray and so on. Hopefully, this will bring to mind that what you do wear is not always what you are.

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