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App of the Week: Flipd

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By Sylvia Lorico 

Co-founded by Ryerson alumnus Alanna Harvey, the Flipd app allows users to limit time on their phone to increase productivity and focus. Available for free on Android and iOS, the app acts as a barrier for cellphone users to avoid accessing their phone for a certain period of time.

On the app, users will have the option to adjust the dial on the screen to increase or decrease the time to disconnect from their phone. Users can limit time on their phone from a few minutes to eight hours.

Users can choose between “light” and “full” locks to disconnect from your phone. Full lock makes all of your downloaded apps disappear temporarily for the time that you are off. Light lock will activate a countdown on your phone for the period of time users set. If they leave Flipd during the countdown for any reason, they will receive a warning message to return to Flipd within 10 seconds. If users fail to return to Flipd, the timer will expire and and users will lose their progress for the session.

Under the “my stats” tab, the app will list the total amount of hours users disconnect from their phone as well as any times a person used their phone during the off time.

Another option is the ability to schedule off times. Users can select a start time, a day of the week and how long they would like to disconnect from their phone. Your phone will automatically send a notification reminding you of the schedule.

There is also an option for users to join a specific class using a course code in order to limit phone usage during lectures or labs. The app will send a reminder before the class to unplug from your phone altogether. Every time you attempt to check or use your phone during the class, the app will take note of this and store statistics on your phone.

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