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Big changes don’t happen without disruption

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By Sierra Bein

Last week we put out the first issue of our paper and I’ve already had people come into the office to complain, and others who just generally want to keep their distance from our doors.

And I’m out here for it, whatever you may feel. But I hope we can change your mind.

I’ve been here for too many years and I’ve seen a lot of mistakes, I’ve probably made a bunch myself. So I can’t blame anyone for whatever feelings exist built up from the past 50 years of our existence. At times, we most certainly have sucked.

We’ve been trying to improve though, we’ve now got equity training each year and we’ve got an equity guide that we’re constantly adding to and updating.

We’ve got our weekly post-mortem meetings where we often criticize ourselves and openly discuss what other people have said about us—good or bad.

But the best way to help us grow is to let us know what you think we did wrong. Big changes don’t happen without disruption.

I don’t necessarily want you to come into my office screaming (although, it has happened on many occasions), but we are all super down to have a conversation with you, even to hear you vent.

So, in the hopes of not being known as a Mean Girl cult running the news, you can, in fact, sit with us.

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