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We know what you did last fall

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By Sierra Bein

It’s almost been one full year since the disappointment that was 6 Fest, the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) concert that will forever go down in the books as 6 Mess.

For plenty of our readers, it’s probably been boring to read about the same issue again and again.

The screw ups, the missing refund money, and the missing information that last year’s vice-president student life & events still has yet to provide.

And we have written a lot about 6 Fest—about two web pages worth of content on our website, and probably a full paper’s worth in newspaper clippings too.

But the reason we continue to annoy you with content is because it’s so easy to forget all these things.

Much like The Eyeopener, the RSU turnover is quick, and problems are passed on from one year to the next. It can be hard to move forward and fix the past at the same time.

However, one of our jobs as a publication is to openly discuss the problems, explore solutions, and to not let the leftovers slip under the carpet.

We can’t forget that there are still students who are asking for refunds—students who also paid the salary of those who kept their concert money, even though I’m sure people are working hard to get it back.

We can applaud the fact that this year’s frosh concert was smoother that the last, and in fact we should.

But yeah, we’re still waiting on those documents, friends.

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