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App of the week: Feedly

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By Sylvia Lorico 

Organize, share and read information curated for you with the Feedly app. Available for Android and iOS, this app allows users to create a customizable feed with content based on their interests.

Users are required to create an account in order to use the app. You can also use other  accounts like Facebook, Windows, Twitter or the Evernote app to sign up.

Feedly allows users to save online publications, blogs and Youtube videos into “feeds” which are sorted according to topics. For example, technology related blogs, videos and publications would be sorted into the “tech” tab on your device. These feeds can be viewed by sliding the app to the right. This will display your personal feeds.

Articles, blog posts and videos are filtered based on relevance to the topic selected.

Feedly also takes advantage of multiple platforms to bring customizable content for users. You can configure Google Alerts to the app and get alerts delivered as an RSS feed you can then add to the app. Users can list keywords under the Google Alerts website and then embed the feed into the app by pasting the URL into the “explore” section.

Feedly can also configure with other applications including OneNote 365, Slack and the Evernote apps to integrate your content and notifications into the app.

Another option is the ability to save and share articles into the app for later reading. Users can tap the bookmark icon on the top right of any article, video or blog post to save it for later. Saved articles can be accessed under the “saved articles” feed under the “personal feeds” tab. By tapping the share button, Feedly will share articles to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and more social media sites. It can also be configured with Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule when a post will be shared.

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