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Movies worth skipping your class for: January Edition

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Welcome to our new series, Cineplex or Class, where we fill you in on which movies are worth skipping your class at the Cineplex for—and which ones are not. Skip class at your own risk, The Eyeopener is not responsible for bad GPAs.

By Kosalan Kathiramalanathan



Worth skipping your Syllabus Class

With the waves of reboots of childhood classics (many of them flops), there was a lot of doubt as to whether the new Jumanji movie would hold up. Good news is that it does! While the storyline isn’t something to rave about—you’ve got your typical group of kids, the nerds, the jock, the pretty girl all going on a wacky adventure, and sometimes the movie’s humor relies on these stereotypes. But what the movie misses in plot it makes up for in the performances of the main cast. The back and forth between the actors is effortless. Who knew watching Jack Black get aroused by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and  Nick Jonas would be entertaining?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi


May the force be with you when you skip your lecture for this one

Isn’t it great that we live in a time where good Star Wars movies are coming out? The latest instalment in the newest Star Wars adds to the ever-expanding saga quite nicely, fleshing out the new characters while also providing depth to old ones. The story is fun and engaging as any Star Wars film is (well maybe except the prequels). Both newcomers to the universe and die-hard fans will be able to watch this one. It isn’t the perfect sequel. There are some disappointing moments in the film, and certain plotlines don’t live up to the allure and mystery that the first film presented. But regardless, the end of the movie sets up an ending to the trilogy that’s interesting, to say the least.

The Disaster Artist


Worth skipping graded seminars for

Look, if we live in a world where the guy who made the worst movie in the world can get a Franco brother to play him in an Oscar-worthy movie, anything is possible—follow your dreams kids! The movie about the creation of The Room, a cinematic masterpiece in its own right, is funny, emotional and at times oddly inspiring. Both the Francos’ performances are outstanding and drive the movie forward. There is a rather culty buzz around the movie because of the source material which might keep the more amateur movie viewer away, but don’t let it. Just embrace the chaos because at the end of the day that’s what this movie is about. A chaotic, crazy, enigmatic figure trying to fight for their vision.

Insidious: The Last Key


So bad you should actually attend your 3-hour philosophy lecture

The newest chapter in the  Insidious story only raises one question: Why do they keep making these? The Last Key doesn’t change much from the previous films, relying on jump scares to get a fright out of you. The movie is a bit better than the one before it, but it’s still uninventive, using the same mechanics and worn out plot details in an unimaginative way. The only thing this movie really has going for it is the performance of Lin Shaye who plays her character, Elise. She’s one of the franchise’s better-developed characters, but even that can’t save this movie. You’d get a better fright by going onto RAMMS and checking out your GPA.

*The Shape of Water


Skip that pretentious film course you’re taking to actually watch a film

Renowned director Guillermo Del Toro’s latest film is more romance than horror, but this isn’t a bad thing. Del Toro’s film is a visual roller coaster. The director keeps the fantastical and fairy tale-like aesthetics he’s known for so long time fans will enjoy that but the colourful cast is another reason to go watch this movie. Sally Hawkins’ silent performance is poignant and powerful. The story’s pacing is however strange, with a lot of build-up with a sudden escalation which can throw off the audience near the end. In the end, there are more reasons the check out this movie than not to.

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